Your Smile, Always Shinning!

When you sign in for a Dental Whitening Treatment, you may qualify for the Free Whitening for Life Program at ACK Dental Art. This program is extended to patients who have proven themselves as individuals who take care of their oral hygiene and general dental health seriously.

We believe it is extremely important to maintain recommended hygiene re-care appointments and to receive necessary dental treatment to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. You will receive a one-time custom made, professional, take-home whitening trays, and, once a year, 2 tubes of professional whitening gel for your personal use.

Most importantly, you must be willing to show off your beautiful and healthy smile as often as possible, because smiles are contagious and increase your face value!

Methods of Teeth Whitening


Toothpaste may not seem like it could have any significant effect on the whiteness of your teeth, but there are special toothpaste formulas out there that many people have had success with. Unlike other more abrasive whitening methods, toothpaste does not bleach your teeth but instead whitens them by removing surface stains. While this method is very affordable, it usually doesn’t produce dramatic results many people desire.

Whitening Strips

Being effective and affordable, it’s no wonder whitening strips are the most common forms of teeth whitening. Whitening strips are thin, flexible pieces of plastic covered in a peroxide-based formula available at most drugstores. Typically, you wear them for 30 minutes a day for a week or two to notice results. The results should last at least a few months before it’s time to whiten again.

Pre-Made Whitening Trays

Pre-made whitening trays are lined with a powerful gel that brightens your teeth. Depending on the type, you wear the trays for about an hour for a few days to notice the results. Because these trays are store-bought, they are not customized to fit your teeth. If the trays don’t fit your teeth very well, the gel can ooze out of the trays and get on your gums, which may cause irritation.

Bleaching Procedures

Society, in general, is more concerned about beauty and perfect looks than ever before. In particular, the “perfect smile” has gained more and more importance, including straight and light-colored teeth. Tooth whitening has become a veritable business, of both the dental profession that offers vital in-office bleaching procedures, as well as of commercial companies that sell over-the-counter tooth “whitening” products. Whereas vital tooth bleaching aims to lighten the entire arch, nonvital bleaching procedures are used to treat individual discolored teeth so that they will blend in with adjacent teeth.