Dr. Luciana Pavie, ACK Dental Art | Nantucket, MA

Dr. Luciana Pavie, ACK Dental Art | Nantucket, MADr. Luciana Pavie calls herself a “double dentist”. A native of Brazil, Pavie first earned her dentistry degree there and opened a dental clinic, which is still in operation today. She moved to Nantucket with her husband in 2011, but the United States requires a degree from this country for dentists to practice here. Dr. Pavie returned to school, this time at New York University, where she earned a degree in dental medicine in 2016.

Dr. Pavie has expertise in two areas beyond dentistry
, both first learned as part of her training and education in Brazil. Those services include endodontics, the dental specialty that deals with tooth tissue, for which she performs root-canal procedures to relieve pain and save a tooth. Her orthodontic procedures use the Invisalign clear alignment system to straighten misaligned teeth.

General dentistry at ACK Dental Art includes a range of treatments and services from teeth cleanings and resolving gum problems to fillings and oral surgery.

Prosthodontic treatments might include the removal and replacement of teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a range of procedures to improve the appearance of a patients teeth.

Dr. Pavie’s goal is to provide full service, doing as much as we can in our office, so that our patients do not have to travel off island for any procedure. Sometimes our patients will require sedation, in this case we will send them off island.

We are a multi-lingual office that speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. We will work with patients to establish payment plans for extensive treatment plans. We do not except dental insurance but we are happy to fill out our business information so you can submit your own claim.